Narrtech has a set up for SAP excellence center in India, now it is one of the largest center's in the country with several consultants drawn from a wide spectrum of industries.

Our SAP Excellence center has expertise in

  • Customizing SAP to specific client needs at their site.
  • Conducting training programs on various modules of SAP either onsite or at our SAP installations in India.
  • Providing ongoing maintenance support of SAP-R/3 installations.
  • Undertaking Offshore / Offsite SAP R/3 projects customization.


Narrtech has a strategic alliance with BIG Consulting (Asia Pacific) to provide SAP consulting services in the region.

Narrtech has Talented with highly Caliber People in SAP R/3 resource center to provide excellent services to SAP clients:

  • Team of several SAP Consultants with a varied industrial background
  • Average experience of 5+ years in functional areas in a wide spectrum of industries
  • Qualifications ranging from Engineering, Management, Information Technology and Finance (BE, ME, MCA and CA's)
  • The average SAP experience of our consultants is about 2 ½ years
  • The Skill set ranges from Project Managers, Team leaders, Functional Consultants and ABAP/4 programmers, all with experience in their respective skill sets
  • All ABAP/4 programmers have good understanding on the functionality of the SAP modules and are not only equipped with the coding skills but also with knowledge on configuration issues

    Pool of Consultants having skills in all modules of SAP
  • Most of our consultants have additional knowledge in 'Third party' skills like Microsoft Development tools, LOTUS Notes, JAVA and other e-commerce applications

    Narrtech offers the following services:
  • Full-cycle implementation
  • Implementation support
  • Post implementation support
  • Professional service
  • Remote maintenance
  • Offshore/offsite Implementation and development

Full life cycle SAP R/3 implementation

SAP Implementation Support

  • SAP R/3 implementation services including data migration
  • Customization and enhancements
  • BPR & Business consulting
  • Total SAP R/3 solution for Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) segment
  • Corporate user training in SAP R/3
  • We have well proven SAP R/3 implementation methodology
  • We have several functional and technical SAP professionals
  • Our SAP consultants have an average of 5 years of prior functional experience in different industry segments
  • Our SAP consultants are also trained in ABAP/4

SAP Remote Maintenance

SAP/R3 maintenance takes care of modules that are up and running in a particular site and can be thus classified.

  1. Basic operation level maintenance
  2. Application level maintenance
  3. Business process support & enhancement

    While the first two categories indicate maintenance of implemented modules, the third looks into making modifications according to the changing needs of the organization and is termed Enhancement Work.

SAP/R3 - Why maintenance?

Business processes and organizational policies, to keep up with market demands and needs, need continuous monitoring. Also the configured SAP/R3 has to be reviewed periodically to change according to the changes in the business scenario.

Factors such as technology changes, job rotation, change in data formats used for day-to-day operations may require changes both in the user interface and the repository

Sometimes a requirement for a friendly interface has to be met in the maintenance phase. Thus to make a smooth transition between the old and the new, maintenance becomes a must.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)  

Narrtech enters into a Service Level Agreement with the Client before the maintenance contract is undertaken.

Offshore/Offsite Implementation Project Methodology For comprehensive and successful completion of a project Narrtech follows:

  • Assessment of work at contract award stage
  • Project coordination and team assignment
  • Requirement determination phase
  • Design phase
  • Test plan phase
  • Development phase
  • Transport and delivery
  • Implementation and acceptance
  • Project management methodology

Taking into consideration the amount of information provided and its clarity, we have devised two methods:

Method I:
Adopted when the scope, boundary, detailed requirement, environment details, acceptance criteria and overall expectations are clear and sufficient.

Method II:
Adopted when clarity of scope and requirement are unclear or insufficient.

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